Appetizers & Soups

Egg Roll

Ground beef and seasoned cabbage rolled into a thick crispy shell

Crab Rangoons

Sweet cream cheese whipped With imitation crab meat stuffed into wontons shells.

Fried wontons

Seasoned pork folded into wontons shells and fried until crispy.

Pork Belly Sliders “Gua Bao”

Pork Belly Sliders “Gua Bao”

Slow Cooked Pork Belly stuffed into a soft chinese bun served with pickled mustard greens, crushed peanuts and green onions.

Steamed or Pan Fried Dumplings

Steamed or Pan Fried Dumplings

Seasoned pork stuffed in hand rolled dumpling dough.

Fried chicken wings

Lightly seasoned wings, battered and deep fried until crispy.

Chinese sugar donuts

Chinese sugar donuts

Egg drop soup

"egg flower soup" is a light soup with wispy eggs beaten in a clear broth.

Wonton Soup

a wonton with a pork filling served in a onion broth.

Hot & Sour Soup

A warm delicious soup with tofu, wood ears, bamboo shoots, and wispy eggs in a soy broth.

Tofu & veggie soup

a light soup with tofu, broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, celery in a light onion broth.

Fish ball soup

a light soup consisting of balls made from flour and cod, served in a light onion broth